Flood Case study Doncaster

In Doncaster over 3,000 households were impacted by the June 2007 floods. One such family from Scawthorpe, explained the reality of life for them, seven months after the floods.

Although back in their own home with all remedial work complete, they are now experiencing ongoing problems resolving the final payment with the insurance company.  Mrs M has had to deal with most of this herself as Mr M is now away serving with the armed forces.
At the time of the floods, Mr M made every effort himself to protect his home from flooding, clearing drains, sealing the doors and blocking airbricks with sandbags.  Despite his best efforts the home was severely affected.
The family, who have three children, two of them with special needs, were given the go ahead for their own builder to do the remedial work.  The family were clearly keen to get back into their own home as soon as possible as living in a caravan in cramped conditions was proving extremely difficult for them.
The South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Fund were able to make a substantial payment to help the family and they were also signposted to the Doncaster Citizens Advice Bureau for assistance in resolving the insurance claim.  Mrs M stated that this situation was very stressful and that she felt that the insurance company were "looking for ways to get out of paying". With several days of heavy rain returning this year, so did this family's fear, not just of what might happen, but what could happen if they have to make a repeat insurance claim.
It wasn't only homes that were affected – across the region, businesses and people's whole way of life have been compromised. It has been a long upward struggle but many are now starting to recover.
In many cases, the smallest gesture can prove to be a tremendous towards re-establishing some sense of normality. An 87 year old  partially disabled lady explained that she needed help with clothing, bedding and curtains having lost everything from her bungalow. With no telephone, Mrs S asked only for help towards buying a mobile phone so that she could maintain contact with her family and friends from her temporary accommodation. The Flood Fund team were only too happy to make a contribution towards this simple request.








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