A fund helping people for over 165 years

The Deakin & Withers Fund was established in 1852 by Sheffield businessman Thomas Deakin. His aim was to help women who weren’t supported enough by society.

As the fund was founded on ‘Victorian Values’ befitting the time the fund was created, it has had to change to still be relevant in the modern world. Yet, the fund still retains the core values on which it was founded.

Since SYCF took over the administration of the fund, it has supported many women across the UK with small grant awards. The grants are usually for up to £500 and can go towards such essentials as unexpected bills, boiler repairs and so on.

We know that this fund can help so many more women nationally but to do that we need your help. 

Whether through promoting the fund through your local church or community hall or simply be telling your friends, you can help us to achieve so much more and if you think you or someone you know could be eligible to apply, then please do get in touch.

To find out you can help or benefit, click here. 

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