A kind donation from Madina Mosque to the South Yorkshire Flood Appeal

The Madina Mosque in Sheffield has donated £1,220 to help victims of the South Yorkshire floods.

Based in Wolseley Road, the mosque is one of the latest organisations to support South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation’s Emergency Flood Disaster Relief Appeal.

Money continues to be raised in response to the widespread flooding in South Yorkshire last November, helping families and other local people who have been displaced from their homes and had their properties damaged.

Waheed Akhtar, advisor to the trustees of the Mosque said:

“We do a lot of charity work for projects in this country and abroad. When we saw our communities in South Yorkshire being affected by the floods we wanted to stand with them, providing support.

“We saw the pictures and heard the reports on local radio and thought we could not just sit by. Rather than us going out there, we gave the cash to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation which has a good track record of helping people in vulnerable situations.”

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Ruth Willis, Chief Executive of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, said:

“This generous donation from the Madina Mosque means a lot to all of us here at SYCF and to all those people out there right now still trying to right their lives after the devastating flooding.

“A big thank you to everyone at Madina Mosque for putting their trust in  SYCF. We will make sure the money is spent wisely and impactfully to help flooding victims.”

SYCF offers grants to help people facing hardship and disadvantage and those working to improve the communities they live in.

From the flood relief fund, an initial £200 towards clean-up costs and repairs is being offered to every affected household, while a second stage of funding will support those who have been hit hardest, providing further, larger, amounts of funding.

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