Aurora Wellbeing Centre

Aurora Wellbeing Centres support local people and their families, who are living with cancer.  Anyone with a diagnosis is given free support, ranging from wellbeing programmes to beauty treatments to help with their self-esteem.

Recent funding of £1,000 from the Doncaster Community First Endowment Fund has enabled the Aurora Wellbeing Doncaster Centre, to run Mindfulness and healthy living classes.

Begun in November 2016, the 7 week classes have been well attended, with participants ranging in age from 20 to 75. The centre has now had to split participants between two separate classes to ensure individuals are receiving the
support they need.

The centre aims for the sessions to have a positive impact on the survival of cancer sufferers, as well as a general increase in quality of life and happiness of all involved.

Chief Officer, Lynne Rothwell said:

“What these wellbeing classes do is bring people together.

“Cancer is very isolating and for many people diagnosed they are at an age where they are already experiencing isolation and loneliness.

“The classes help people connect with others going through the same thing.

“They are able to express their worries and anxieties to each other, as well as give comfort.

“There really has been an uplift in the wellbeing of the people who have taken part so far.

“I wouldn’t want to pick one individual person out, there has been so many who have benefited.

“What is also important about these classes is that we can also offer our other services to participants and ensure they are getting all the help they need.”

Aurora Wellbeing Charity also offers services such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Hypnotherapy and much more.

Testimonials from the sessions include feedback such as:

“Please continue to have your group sessions, you are helping a lot of vulnerable people at a crucial time in their lives.”


“Your Wellbeing Programme taster session was the best… It was really interesting and I’ve learnt new things.”


“The Aurora Wellbeing Centre has helped us to relax and has changed our lives for the better.”