Coronavirus Response Resources Page

In response to the wide scale impact Coronavirus is having on our communities, SYCF is working in a number of ways to provide information and support to the community groups and charities working in our region. This page will be updated as often as possible to ensure the most up to date resources are available.

Keep safe everyone.

Guidance for SYCF Funded Groups in response to Coronavirus

We hope that your funded activity will be able to go ahead as planned. Charities and voluntary sector organisations play a vital role in communities when external events like this happen, and our aim is to ensure as much of this important work as possible can continue. However, we recognise that depending on how you operate and who you work with, you might need to make some changes to planned activity.

The government guidance you should consider is here >

What to email us about

– If activity has to be delayed: Please let us know in advance if activity is significantly delayed. Wherever possible, we’ll be happy to extend the grant period and delay the date on which your end of grant report is due accordingly;

 If activity has to be altered: Please let us know if you need to alter the activity which you were planning to deliver, finding alternative ways of achieving your intended outcomes. If the changes involve a significant change to your budget, please do contact us before committing to the revised expenditure. Wherever possible, we’ll look favourably on such change requests;

– If activity can’t go ahead and grant money is unspent: please let us know as early as possible. We’ll expect you to return to us any portion of the grant which will not now be spent;

– If grant money is spent but doesn’t achieve expected outcomes, we’ll be understanding of the extenuating circumstances. Again, please do keep us in the loop. We’ll expect you to make best endeavours to achieve the outcomes as planned, but in the circumstances we understand this may not be possible. We also understand that some costs are fixed, and will be incurred even if you cancel or rearrange activity. So long as you keep us informed, and use your end of grant report to explain why you weren’t able to deliver the planned activities or achieve the anticipated outcomes, we’ll be understanding of this.

You can contact the Grants Team by emailing:

Covid-19 Response Fund

SYCF and community foundations across the country are working with the National Emergencies Trust (NET) to make sure resources reach the community groups and charities which are already doing incredible work to save lives and relieve hardship in the present situation. If you’d like to contribute to this fund, please visit the National Emergencies Trust website >

SYCF will be distributing money raised through the NET appeal to local community groups and charities across South Yorkshire.

Find out more >

South Yorkshire Group Support

Voluntary Action Sheffield (VAS)

VAS has created a regularly updated resource hub for voluntary and community sector organisations. Information on supporting volunteers, the latest news and updates as well as a map of the community hubs which are providing support to those impacted by the Coronavirus.

Find out more >

Sheffield Faith Community

Dedicated advice and resources ares being offered to the Sheffield Faith Community to help them respond to the current pandemic.

Find out more >

Barnsley CVS News

With the challenges of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Barnsley CVS will be using their ebulletin to keep updates coming. Due to the rapidly changing situation please also follow their social media channels.

Find Barnsley CVS on:
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We will continue to update this resource page. If you are providing a service you would like listed then please click here to email and let us know > 

Doncaster Council Coronavirus Information and Advice

Doncaster Council are working closely with NHS colleagues, and other public sector organisations to ensure that the people of Doncaster are kept well informed.

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