Survey: How has Covid-19 affected you?

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation is working with Sheffield and Bassetlaw CCG ICS to gather information and stories about how Covid-19 is affecting people in our communities. This is in order to inform new rehabilitation services being developed by Sheffield and Bassetlaw CCG ICS to support those in our communities who have contracted COVID-19 and/or may still be suffering from the after effects of COVID-19.  The condition called Long COVID.

We want to hear particularly from people from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

There’s no particular age limit, just think about those in your family, group, or community who are finding their own ways to manage the situation and the restrictions that we are all living with. We also encourage family members to provide support filling in this survey to those who need it so they have their voice heard too.

The situation is now frequently changing and we are hoping this survey will give you a chance to tell us about what it’s been like for you and your feelings about the next 6 months?

The form can be completed online here>

If you would prefer to have a conversation with us over the phone then please contact us by telephone or by leaving a voicemail with your name and number on 0114 242 4857 or by emailing and we will call you back as soon as we can.

We would also be happy to be invited to chat with any online groups or networks in South Yorkshire.