How David Price boosted his Personal Fund through legacy giving…

David Price, pictured with Vanda Kewley from The Suit Works which has received grant funding through David’s Fund, tells us why he set it up:

“I have spent my life time living and working in South Yorkshire, establishing my business Price Express Transport Limited in 1979. From modest beginnings, operating from my parent’s home, I grew the business into a successful logistics company operating in a niche market across the UK.

“After selling Price Transport in 2015 I wanted to make a charitable contribution to the region. South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation have enabled me to do just that. Through establishing ‘The David Price Charitable Fund’, matched £1 for £1 from their Endowment Match Challenge, I can support local charities that meet my particular interests of helping young people back into work, education or training or projects that reduce social isolation for older people.

“Additionally, I have also decided to boost my charitable fund by leaving a gift in my will. Such legacy donations reduce the Inheritance Tax on your estate. If 10% or more is left to charity then 100% of that money goes to the charity or charities of your choice and the remainder of your estate is taxed at 36% instead of 40%. This was a significant factor in my decision and it now means that my contribution to the region continues long after my lifetime”

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