Over £160,000 In Emergency Payments Made To Flooded Households Across South Yorkshire

Over 800 households have received emergency payments from local charity South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) to help support those affected meet their most urgent needs.

The £200 payments have gone to all affected households who applied, with the aim of alleviating the immediate pressures experienced by those hit by the destructive flooding in November 2019.

SYCFworking in partnership with each local authority area, is now about to launch its next phase of payments designed to support those most vulnerable and worst affected by the flooding.

Households with children under five, elderly residents over 70, uninsured and/or low income households are just some of those who will be able to apply to this new phase of funding which will be awarding much larger grant awards.

This new phase is designed to help cover the cost of a range of essentials such as flood damage repairs, replacing kitchen cabinets, white goods, replacing flooring furniture and decorations in affected rooms.

Ruth Willis, Chief Executive of SYCF said:

“Our priority with this next phase of funding is to help those impacted by the flooding in November bring back some normality to their lives. We also want to make absolutely sure that this next stage of funding helps those who need it most but without leaving anyone behind or anyone falling through the cracks in our criteria.

“That’s why we are aiming to treat applications on a case by case basis as we know that no one situation is the same as another so we are being as flexible as possible. We are doing our best to ensure we can do as much as possible to help everyone who comes to us for financial support.”

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation set up an emergency appeal the day after the November flooding hit and has been working to provide financial relief to affected households since.

SYCF ran a similar appeal in 2007 and raised almost £1.6m at that time to distribute out into communities. This time around the charity has already raised over £500,000 which is now being matched £1 for £1 by Central Government funding for up to £1 million.

Ruth Willis continued:

“This £1 for £1 match funding will help us to do so much more to help local people and as the match is for up to £1million we are encouraging the general public, local businesses, everyone to continue to donate to the flood appeal if they can, as all donations now will be doubled.”

You can donate to the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal by going to: www.justgiving.com/campaigns/syfloods or emailing admin@sycf.org or calling 0114 242 4857 for alternative ways to donate.

If you have been flooded and require financial aid then please go to: www.sycf.org.uk/floodfund/
or call 0114 242 4857 for advice and support.