Community Foundations are ‘the UK’s best-kept secret – but that’s no compliment’

In a recent piece for Third Sector Magazine, the Chief Executive of UK Community Foundations, Fabian French, comments on the importance of raising the network’s profile. With continuing funding cuts from the government, he concedes that the sums that Foundations currently raise are not enough to meet the sheer extent of the local need. It is therefore more vital than ever that the network raises awareness of its work and builds further connections with potential donors, including individuals, businesses and trusts, up and down the country.

“Fabian French became the chief executive of UK Community Foundations at the start of 2015, and one of his main goals was to raise the profile of this network of 48 community foundations.

Just over a year later, the signs are promising. When a plane crashed during the Shoreham Airshow last August, it was the local Sussex Community Foundation that created the biggest fund and gained publicity in the national media. And when the winter floods affected Cumbria and other parts of the UK, community foundation appeals were the subject of widespread coverage in the media.”