Tween Bridge Windfarm Community Benefits Fund (Thorne and Moorends)

Community groups close to the Tween Bridge Windfarm could be eligible for a cash boost.

Since the completion of the Tween Bridge Windfarm near Thorne and Moorends, energy company RWE has committed to providing grant funding for communities close to the development.

How much can I apply for?

  • grants are normally from £1,000 – £5,000
  • grants of more than £5,000 may be considered in exceptional circumstance
  • large grants may be available – these will be advertised when available


This fund has a defined Area of Benefit.  All projects must benefit residents of that area to be eligible.  The Area of Benefit includes:

  • Thorne and Moorends
  • parts of Hatfield, Hatfield Woodhouse, Sandtoft, Fosterhouses, Stainforth, Ealand, Fishlake, Crowle and Sandtoft and other settlements within the defined 3-mile radius of the wind farm

View the area map to see if your community group falls within the three-mile radius.

Who can apply?

  • locally led, run and constituted community or voluntary organisations
  • locally led and run registered charities
  • local schools and colleges

NB: All applicants must have beneficiaries within the area of benefit as specified above and be able to evidence this in full. 

What are the priorities of the fund?

To apply for this fund please evidence your involvement in one or more of the following criteria:

  • Capital item(s) with a tangible and lasting benefit, including improvements to community buildings
  • environmental improving to the physical, built, social or educational environment of the area, including bio-diversity and habitat conservation
  • energy conservation and increased use of renewables
  • other projects that are community based and/or community led

Who and what cannot be funded?

  • Parish, Town or Metropolitan Borough Councils
  • Individuals
  • religious organisations or the promotion of religious or political views
  • to replace existing statutory council provision (but such facilities could be enhanced e.g. parks)
  • for private benefit (schemes which individuals can access such as an educational bursary may be acceptable)
  • applications which the Community Foundation believes, in it’s discretion, present or have identified a health and safety risk or against the interests of the developer or wind farm landowner(s)
  • retrospective funding (i.e. things or activities that either have already been paid for, or have already happened)

How to apply?

Please ensure that you have read all of the information above and are eligible for the available funding before going on to the application stage.

Please click here to apply to this fund. 

If you require any help with your application then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our grants team by following the contact information below.

Please apply by Friday 3rd December 2021 for your application to be considered by the next decision panel.