Professional Advisers

“I am happy to recommend SYCF to clients who wish to give locally and improve the lives of people in their communities. SYCF can offer flexible and bespoke options for clients for effective and rewarding giving.”
– Suzy Harris-Milnes, Tax Partner, BHP

We work with professional advisers to help their clients with charitable giving. We provide a service to those who want to make a difference locally, helping donors achieve their charitable wishes and building stronger communities for the benefit of South Yorkshire.

Many clients want their professional adviser to help them plan their charitable giving. SYCF can offer many different options to ensure that you are able to fulfil your client’s charitable wishes.

Our Professional Advisers Panel

A word from the SYCF Professional Advisers Panel Chair, Suzy Harris-Milnes (Tax Partner at BHP): “I Chair a panel of professional advisers representing various professions from Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley to support SYCF’s work with professional advisers.   We aim to inform and engage with Private Client professional advisers within South Yorkshire to provide information regarding the philanthropy services available through SYCF. Through working together and sharing knowledge we hope to help clients realise their charitable giving aspirations and build community capital for the long term benefit of South Yorkshire. “With the associated tax benefits through gift aid, or the reduced inheritance tax rate when leaving 10% of the net estate to charity, professional advisers should always have philanthropy on the agenda when discussing tax and financial planning with clients. “South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation offers donors flexibility on how and where their money is spent within Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. There is no minimum, so it can reach any size donor, whether they want to give one off small gifts or create a lasting endowment fund. “SYCF are a valuable resource for my work with clients and I hope that through our work to help increase awareness of SYCF’s philanthropy services and charitable work supporting communities you will be able to use their expertise where clients wish to invest in local communities. “If you would like to find out more or become involved I am happy to speak with you.” The Professional Adviser Panel members: 

  • Suzy Harris-Milnes, Tax Partner, BHP
  • Steve Dawson, Partner, MKB Solicitors
  • James Lanchbery, Senior Investment Director, Investec Wealth &  Investment Limited
  • Alex Prior, Partner, W.H. Prior Chartered Certified Accountants

To find out more please go to the contact information below and get in touch.

Personal Funds

A unique feature of community foundations is the ability to establish a Personal Fund that is a simple, cost effective alternative to a charitable trust for individuals or businesses. Setting up an Personal Fund with SYCF opens up exciting new opportunities to make a real difference to the local community. A Personal Fund is made bespoke for your client. They choose:

  • the name of the fund (or whether to stay anonymous)
  • the area(s) it benefits
  • the fund’s charitable priorities.
  • their level of involvement is also flexible: directing where the funding goes themselves or allowing our expert team to find the causes that fit their priorities for them

Personal Funds can be established from £25,000 and can be built up over a period of time We will work with your client to fully understand how they can give and then recommend the most appropriate type of fund for them.

Types of Personal Fund


The personal fund that ‘keeps on giving’, an endowment fund lets us invest the capital sum and use the income to make grants year after year. This means your client’s donation creates a lasting legacy for South Yorkshire. Did you know we have built up our Endowment Funds to more than £10m over the last thirty years? Thanks to our donors’ generosity, we are well on our way to securing a better future for South Yorkshire.


This fund has immediate impact in a community. This funding option means that your client’s donation is used for short term grant making which reacts responsively to current needs within our communities.

Geographical Funds

Donations of any size can be made to an existing geographical fund for Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster or for South Yorkshire overall.

An Unrestricted Gift

SYCF is a charity too and we welcome donations of any size towards our charitable activities to promote community giving and build a lasting legacy to strengthen our communities.

Transfer a Trust

SYCF can take over trusts that have become dormant or ineffective or where trustees wish to retire. We provide guidance to the existing trustees on the correct process required by the Charity Commission for the transfer of funds. Read the Charity Commission’s Endorsement of Community Foundations

A Legacy in a will

Leaving a gift in a will can make a huge difference to local communities and we welcome gifts of all sizes. Gifts can be used to create Personal Funds, contribute to Geographical Funds or to the SYCF Charitable Administration Fund. More > 

Benefits to your clients

Tax Effective

Through charitable giving donors can receive tax reliefs from income tax through gift aid and capital gains tax, corporation tax and inheritance tax relief.

Cost Effective

Setting up and managing a charitable trust can be a lot of work. A Personal Fund can provide a simple and cost effective alternative.

Bespoke Service

We provide a personal service and work with clients to fully understand how they would like to give and their charitable interests, then recommend the most appropriate type of fund to suit their objectives.

Local Knowledge

Our knowledge and understanding of local needs connects clients to inspiring local projects for effective community giving.

Hassle Free

Personal Funds provide the rewards of giving without the administrative burden. Administration, governance, due diligence, Charity Commission reporting, fund management, grant assessment and grant making are taken care of by SYCF.


We communicate and report to clients in the way that they request and provide annual reports about the impact of their giving. We can arrange visits to local projects and invite clients to events to meet like minded people and learn about issues in their communities.


SYCF accepts donations in cash, shares, property or other saleable assets.

Effective Solutions

Trustees of an existing trust may find it difficult to identify beneficiaries, spend income or find it difficult to attract new Trustees. The Charity Commission and community foundations have worked closely in recent years to ensure that trustees seeking to revitalise dormant or ineffective trusts can release their funds to community foundations as part of their appraisal of options.

Quality Accredited

We have been quality accredited by the UK Community Foundation through external assessors to standards endorsed by the Charity Commission.

How can you introduce philanthropy to your clients?

Some suggestions…

  • Beyond family and business, what is important to you? Are there some issues you are passionate about or is there one thing you find most frustrating?
  • If you could change one or two things in your community, what would they be?
  • Have you thought about saving tax through charitable giving?
  • Have you ever thought about what kind of personal legacy you wish to leave?
  • Have you considered what would happen to your assets if your spouse or children did not survive you? Would you like the assets to be passed onto charity, rather than a distant relative or the Government?

A comparison between a Personal Fund with SYCF and a Charitable Trust:

PA Table

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