SY100 has been a little bit different this year…

SY100 is a network of likeminded individuals and businesses, who come together for causes that matter, building a stronger South Yorkshire community for everyone.

Ordinarily we would be out and about, highlighting causes to the network of issues that may otherwise go unnoticed or are particularly prevalent in South Yorkshire. This October, we took to Zoom (of course!) with our Autumn event looking at the impact Covid-19 has had on our communities whilst marvelling at the innovative response from community organisations.

Kindly hosted by Carole O’Neill, the High Sheriff of South Yorkshire, we spotlighted the S2 Foodbank who have been in higher demand than ever. They created a Food Poverty Network of 16 foodbanks across Sheffield and started an appeal raising over £90,000 to date to be shared amongst the network, most of whom were informal organisations run by volunteers without governance structures. With the backdrop of SYCF’s Community Sector Resilience Survey showing that 55% of community organisations faced the prospect of closure, this showed amazing innovation and adaptability by the foodbank network to truly horrendous circumstances.

The S2 Food Poverty Network is still facing its fair share of challenges and we harnessed the minds in our virtual event space to brainstorm and offer potential solutions to the challenges faced. Looking at everything from volunteer management to income to food supply channels to the bigger picture and questioning why foodbanks even exist in our country in the first place.

It was a well-attended and very passionate event, resulting in brilliant offers of support in all manner of forms from the SY100 network – just what philanthropic business and partnerships are all about. We look forward to doing the same in 2021, connecting the SY100 network with the areas that need them most and working together to build a stronger South Yorkshire.

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