Our mentoring programme connects the senior leaders of South Yorkshire’s charities and community groups with experienced leaders from other sectors, giving them the opportunity to secure strategic level mentoring and support. Our proactive programme is based on short term mentoring relationships which mainly focus on strategic issues. The programme is free of charge.

About Us

Why was South Yorkshire Charity Mentors started?

South Yorkshire Charity Mentors aims to support the region’s voluntary sector leaders, help with voluntary sector sustainability and now with post pandemic recovery. The South Yorkshire Community Sector Resilience Survey, produced by South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, the University of Sheffield and voluntary sector partners, highlighted the significant sustainability challenges faced by the sector. The voluntary sector provides often essential support within our community. Participating in a mentoring relationship could help leaders to solve strategic level challenges, to grow in their respective roles and to further strengthen their organisations.

Who are South Yorkshire Charity Mentors?

South Yorkshire Charity Mentors (SYCM) is hosted by South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation and is privately funded. The current programme is part of a two year pilot.

SYCM is overseen by an experienced Advisory Board, with an Executive Coordinator supporting delivery and strategic development. Details of both the Advisory Board members and the Executive Coordinator can found in the Meet The Team section of the website.

Our mentors are all volunteers and are experienced leaders from across South Yorkshire.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between two people. The mentor shares knowledge and skills and offers guidance to the mentee based on their experience and expertise. The relationship is private and is based on mutual trust and respect.