South Yorkshire Charity Mentors is a proactive programme, and we match mentees with our mentors. We identify the mentor from our mentor bank who has the background, experience and skills which match the requirements of the charity leader.

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How does the mentoring programme work?

1. We ask voluntary sector leaders who wish to work with a mentor to complete an application form with South Yorkshire Charity Mentors.
2. On receipt of the application, we will ensure a good understanding of the mentee’s requirements.
3. SYCM aims to proactively match mentees with one of the mentors on our mentor bank. This match is based on identifying the mentor from our mentor bank with the best skills, experience and background to meet the needs of the mentee.
4. Once matched, we host an introductory meeting and the mentor and mentee agree their mentoring contract. The contract includes their commitment to giving time to the programme and an agreement as to the frequency of meetings.
5. The mentoring relationship then begins. SYCM will remain in contact with both mentor and mentee for the duration of the relationship and will complete a value assessment at the end.
6. The mentoring relationship itself is completely privately between the mentor and the mentee.

How long does the mentoring last for?

It is intended that our mentors will provide strategic level support to their mentees. As a result, we would normally expect mentoring relationships to last three to four months. However, the mentor and the mentee may decide that more time is needed and of value. If that is the case then this would be decided by them as part of their mentoring agreement.

How often are the meetings?

The frequency and type of meetings (for example, virtual or in person) is decided by the mentor and mentee. As a result, arrangements may vary. Mentors and mentees will attend a introductory meeting hosted by SYCM and will then have the opportunity to develop their own meeting plan.

What role does SYCM play in the mentoring relationship?

SYCM aims to proactively match the mentor and mentee based on our understanding of the needs of the mentee and the skills, experience and background of the mentor. SYCM will also host the initial introductory meeting. SYCM maintains contact with both the mentor and mentee throughout the programme, completing a qualitative review at the end. Our aim is to understand any benefits that are unlocked through the mentoring programme. We also have an ongoing commitment to review and improve the programme for both our mentors and mentees.


Our mentoring programme is confidential and the work between the mentor and mentee is completed privately.

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