Thoughts on Kindness #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Starting Monday 18th May 2020 it is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek and this year’s theme is fittingly, Kindness.

Kindness is often a disregarded quality in people. It can be seen as false, something to be distrusted as acts of kindness are ‘too good to be true’. Kindness is sometimes, strangely, seen as a weakness.

Yet, we know that none of these things are true because kindness is the foundation of what we do as a charity and what the charity sector does as a whole across the world. It is kindness that enabled us to raise over £1.2 million in response to the devastating floods in November last year and it is kindness now that is keeping our communities afloat through Covid-19.

Kindness is a powerful thing. It gives us hope. It brings us joy. When we receive and act of kindness it reminds us that we are noticed, we are wanted and needed and matter. When we give, we benefit in much the same way.

In a time of fear and crisis which can make us feel small and alone and put us in a dark place, kindness is a shining light in that darkness. That light can save lives.

Kindness doesn’t have to be for someone else either. It is just as important that we are kind to ourselves. The last person we often think to give that gift too. We deserve happiness just as much as the people around us and looking after ourselves, our own needs, our own minds is a kindness to the people in our lives too. Afterall, don’t we all just want to see each other happy?

So, this #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek be kind to yourself, to those in your life and if you can, try to be kind in a whole new way. Even if that is just a wave and a smile to the postie! 

Kindness is our strength.