The South Yorkshire Community Foundation

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South Yorkshire Community Foundation aims to improve lives in our communities.

We do this through raising funds from businesses, philanthropists, trusts and statutory bodies and using them to meet the needs of local people facing economic hardship and other barriers to aspiration.

The future of vital community projects in South Yorkshire relies on the generosity of local people.  Everyone can be a philanthropist through SYCF.


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The amazing experience that is Colourscape

For People of All Ages and All Abilities

We passed! SYCF is Quality Accredited

After much time and hard work, we are pleased to announce that we have passed our quality accreditation. All community foundations must be quality accredited by our umbrella organisation UK Community Foundations (UKCF). There are currently 54 community foundations across the network which in 2012-13 distributed just under 20,000 grants to the value of £60m.

Art and Writing Workshops for young people working with professional artists and film makers up for grabs

There are eight 2 hour workshops available themed around how the arts can be used to develop one's voice and ability to be politically active. 

The Surviving Winter appeal comes to a happy end this year thanks to so many of you

A staggering £7,000 has been distributed to those in need this winter in South Yorkshire, helping people pay expensive energy bills, fix boilers and much more besides. Funding has also been given in support of food banks to support those whose struggle not just with cold in the winter months. Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, those most vulnerable have been helped to stay warm, healthy and well fed. To give you just a small idea of how far donations to this appeal go towards helping people, please read the case studies below.

YVP Social Enterprise Business Planning Event









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