Vital Signs

Our Vital Signs Report for 2017 has been hugely successful at highlighting the needs in South Yorkshire. Our report focuses on th identifies the key issues that need to be addressed, as identified by local people.

As a grant-making charity, we have a responsibility to ensure our funding is going to the most prominent needs in our communities and where it can have the most impact. Through our Vital Signs reporting, we understand the issues local people are facing so we can work to support communities to tackle them effectively.

We are: 

• reporting on the vitality of South Yorkshire communities through the combination of community views and local and national statistics

• highlighting priority social issues for our region to allow for more targeted interventions

• proposing ways in which local philanthropy can be directed to respond to social needs in the future

Read the full report here.

Vital Signs reporting is undertaken each year by Community Foundations across the UK. You can find out more about the results in other regions, here.

We aim to spark discussions, encourage connections,
create partnerships and inspire action.

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