Moving on Up: Young People and Employment Grants

What is Moving On Up?

The Moving on Up: young people and employment grants programme provided grants of up to £15,000, up to £5k per year over 3 years, for community organisations addressing unemployment for young people aged 14-30 years, in South Yorkshire. The programmes aims and priorities centred around  supporting young people with pre-employability opportunities and skills through established pathways specifically focusing on funding projects addressing issues concerning vulnerable and marginalised young individuals.

The pilot actively works to bridge the gap between employment, skill development and education. It sought to fund projects that would support both individual development and the creation of positive community outcomes. It was specifically designed using current research that the community themselves identified as top priorities for action, with further research completed to support the specific design of the pilot. As demonstrated by this funding programme, South Yorkshire’s Community foundation is dedicated to facilitating  the development of skills and supporting the employment pathways of individuals within some of the most socioeconomically deprived communities throughout South Yorkshire.


The rationale for the pilot stemmed from findings within the 2021 Vital signs research. To respond and support the needs of communities across South Yorkshire, findings from the Vital Signs research were used to identify what issues were most in need of addressing  from 2021 to 2023. To find out more about our Vital Signs Research, click on this link

Moving on Up Year One Evaluation Report

Click on the document below to view our latest Moving On Up Evalution Report