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South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) supports voluntary, community and charitable groups across the region with funding advice, information and training, helping them to run the projects and activities that are important to their communities. 


We have over 30 years’ experience of assisting groups to secure the funding necessary for their projects, schemes, events and activities which are making a difference to the lives of people in communities across South Yorkshire.

We have active partnerships with Sheffield City Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Well Doncaster along with the leading voluntary sector infrastructure organisations across the region.

We have two part-time Funding Advice Development Workers in Sheffield and Barnsley funded by the local authorities in those areas along with a part-time Training Co-ordinator to deliver our unique suite of training courses.

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Our services for voluntary and community groups

We provide funding advice, training courses and webinars along with local surgeries and a comprehensive funding website aimed at supporting you to get specific help with your funding needs and to become a successful fundraiser.  

Our services include: 

  • Funding News: Our weekly Funding News updates and email services have regular updates on funding opportunities.
  • Funding Search: Our online database helps you find possible funders for your activities with over 250 different funders.
  • Funding Training & Events: Virtual classroom training courses, webinars and events for developing your fundraising skills from beginners to Masterclasses - book and pay online.
  • Funding Advice: We have a team of Development Workers who can support you in your fundraising.
  • Funding KnowHow: A range of online resources and factsheets from SYFAB and others to help you learn more about funding issues.


I'd just like to say a big thank you from all of us at KickBack Recovery for the amazing work you do at SYFAB. We were awarded £3,000 from the Hedley Foundation which we only knew about due your collation of current grants available

Funding information

You can download the guides below which showcase the depth of knowledge across the SYFAB team.

South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau - Funding Proposal Guide

You can use this sheet to make notes on things to include when developing a funding proposal or writing a letter to a charitable trust.

(PDF, 90 KB)

Meet the SYFAB team

Karen Walke, joint-head of SYFAB

Karen Walke, joint-head of SYFAB

Peter Foyle, joint-head of SYFAB

Peter Foyle, joint-head of SYFAB

Andy Kershaw, Training Coordinator

Andy Kershaw, Training Coordinator

Lorna Lewis, Barnsley Funding Development Worker

Lorna Lewis, Barnsley Funding Development Worker

SYFAB’s website is open to any subscribers but is free to access for voluntary and community organisations working in South Yorkshire, allowing you develop your skills, knowledge and confidence around funding and fundraising.

Groups working outside of South Yorkshire can access our website services at a cost of £25 per year.

Meet Karen

Karen provides one-to-one support for Sheffield groups, funded by Sheffield City Council. This involves helping organisations make sense of funding criteria and look over draft applications, prioritising groups with no paid staff and who are led by the communities they support. Karen’s working days are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Karen Walke

Joint-head of SYFAB

Karen Walke's LinkedIn page
Karen Walke