Vital Signs

What is Vital Signs?

In order to respond and support the needs of communities across South Yorkshire, we produce and publish our detailed Vital Signs report every 3 years. The research provides a thought-provoking snapshot into the current facts and priorities that need to be addressed to increase the strength, resilience and growth of the region.

This report is not a moment in time, but a piece of research that enables long-term targeted support to our communities most in need.

Help us identify the needs of your community!

We're currently conducting our Vital Signs survey, a crucial tool we use to understand the needs and issues faced by our communities. By participating in this survey, you help us identify hidden needs and priorities, allowing us to provide targeted interventions to tackle critical issues effectively.

Your contribution will be invaluable in helping us understand the needs of the community better. By spending just 10 minutes on our survey, you can play a part in shaping a better future for South Yorkshire.

Ready to help us out? You can access the survey by following one of the options below

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Survey Closing Date: Sunday, 7th July 2024, at 9 pm.

Andy Kershaw, former BBC Radio Sheffield journalist, introduces Vital Signs 2021 explaining the methodology behind the report.

South Yorkshire's Top Priorities for Action

The top four priorities for action detailed in our 2021 Vital Signs report demonstrate the interlinking nature of society’s biggest problems and how a coordinated effort from all stakeholders is needed to effect change.

Listening to communities across South Yorkshire through community surveys, focus groups and using a combination of local knowledge and official research data to measure the vitality of a community, the four needs have been identified as: 

  • Crime and Safety

  • Disadvantage and Inequality

  • Work and the Local Economy

  • Mental Health

Vital Signs Survey

Help us identify the needs of your community!
Download this document to complete our Vital Signs survey. To submit the survey, please return this document to:

(DOCX, 279 KB)

Community groups prioritising the important issues

An indoor centre showing Sahira from Mums United being interviewed by Andy Kershaw with a cameraman watching on his recording equipment which is positioned on a tripod

Crime and Safety | Mum's United, Sheffield

A football match showing a player going into a tackle near the sidelines

Disadvantage and Inequality | Doncaster Conversation Club, Doncaster

A group session held by The Work-Wise Foundation.

Work and the Local Economy | The Work Wise Foundation, Rotherham

Four young boys sat on a bench eating and chatting with SYCF's Philanthropy Coordinator, Liz

Mental Health | The Youth Association, Barnsley

Focusing on the top four priorities, we are able to use the Vital Signs research to direct targeted interventions to communities and issues where they are most needed.

Our Response

South Yorkshire's Community Foundation launched a dedicated themed programme around Employment and Employability for people aged 14-30, titled 'Moving On Up'. The dedicated programme aimed to inspire the next generation through increasing the opportunities through which to gain valuable skills and break down barriers to employment.

Previous Vital Signs Reports

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If you would like to know more about our Vital Signs reports, please get in touch with our Philanthropy Coordinator, Rachael.

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Rachael coordinates the delivery of philanthropic activities, working collaboratively within different teams, community groups and donors to bring about exciting new opportunities. She is also head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for the Foundation as well as overseeing South Yorkshire’s Giving Network. Her working days are Monday to Friday.

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