South Yorkshire Community Foundation offer a secure and easy way to give money to your charitable wishes, as an individual or a business. A flexible range of options allow you to determine how and where your funding is spent.

Giving Option Individual Business
Personal Fund
Endowment Fund Yes Yes
Distribution Yes Yes
Geographical Yes Yes
Unrestricted Gifts Yes Yes
South Yorkshire's Giving Network Yes Yes
Acorn Funds Yes No
Charity of The Year (TBC) TBC TBC
Leaving A Legacy Yes No
Charitable Trust No Yes
Public Sector No Yes
Themed Funds Yes Yes
Sponsorship and Volunteering Yes Yes

Personal Fund

Create a Personal Fund – such as an Endowment or Distribution - with SYCF to make a real difference to your local community. Establish your fund with just £25,000 and build it up over time.

Geographical Funds

Donate to an existing fund for the South Yorkshire area, or set up a specific allocation for Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Why set up a personal fund with us ?

Our tailored philanthropy services ensure that clients revive the best returns on their charitable giving whilst maximising the positive impact of the charitable giving on local communities within South Yorkshire.


Tax Effective

Through charitable giving donors can receive tax reliefs from income tax through gift aid and capital gains tax, corporation tax and inheritance tax relief.

Cost Effective

Setting up and managing a charitable trust can be a lot of work. A Personal Fund can provide a simple and cost effective alternative.

Bespoke Service

We provide a personal service and work with clients to fully understand how they would like to give and their charitable interests, then recommend the most appropriate type of fund to suit their objectives.

Local Knowledge

Our knowledge and understanding of local needs connects clients to inspiring local projects for effective community giving.

Hassle Free

Personal Funds provide the rewards of giving without the administrative burden. Administration, governance, due diligence, Charity Commission reporting, fund management, grant assessment and grant making are taken care of by SYCF.


We communicate and report to clients in the way that they request and provide annual reports about the impact of their giving. We can arrange visits to local projects and invite clients to events to meet like minded people and learn about issues in their communities.


SYCF accepts donations in cash, shares, property or other saleable assets.

Effective Solutions

Trustees of an existing trust may find it difficult to identify beneficiaries, spend income or find it difficult to attract new Trustees. The Charity Commission and community foundations have worked closely in recent years to ensure that trustees seeking to revitalise dormant or ineffective trusts can release their funds to community foundations as part of their appraisal of options.

Quality Accredited

We have been quality accredited by the UK Community Foundation through external assessors to standards endorsed by the Charity Commission.

Unrestricted Gifts

Donate to help build a lasting legacy in our communities. Every donation of any size is welcomed and appreciated!

Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a gift in your will to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation helps to creates positive long-lasting difference in your community for generations to come.

South Yorkshire's Giving Network

Join other businesses and individuals in giving back to the community and creating long-lasting sustainable impact throughout the region.

Acorn Funds

Our Acorn Funds make it simple to give. We accept annual donations, single gifts, and legacy provisions so you can give whatever and whenever you’d like. Establish an Endowment Fund over time and fund grants year after year once you’ve got £25,000 – plus give a final legacy gift to add to the Fund from your will.

Charity Of The Year

As a business, support SYCF as your charity of the year and join us in making a difference. We'll help recognize your contribution and invite you to our annual events.

Meet Michelle

Michelle supports our Strategic Plan through philanthropy, including overseeing the professional services to donors. This includes securing and distributing income against agreed targets by developing and maintaining long term strategic relationships. Her duties include responsibility for the development and delivery of the Foundation’s Fund Development Strategy and the Grant Strategy. Working days: Monday to Friday.

Michelle Dickinson

Head of Philanthropy and Programmes

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Michelle Dickinson