Community organisations can help sharing the word about SYCF’s grant programmes through their website, social media, newsletters and promotional material.

Celebrating an award of funding raises awareness for what SYCF does best: giving money to community groups so they can support the region’s diverse communities. 

Publicity by community groups encourages our donors to support us, and catches the attention of potential donors.

Being funded by SYCF can strengthen your group’s credibility and potentially lead to success with other funding opportunities, particularly important when you are starting up.


Sharing success stories on social media!

A screenshot of a tweet by Lost Chord, thanking South Yorkshire's Community Foundation for funding

Lost Chord, on Twitter

A poster for an event by DIAL Barnsley which thanks to funding from organisations including SYCF

DIAL Barnsley, on Facebook

Share on socials!

Alongside sharing the good news about being funded by SYCF, tag our social accounts when you’re delivering your project activities with an image or even a short video!

How can you help

This could come in the form a thank you letter, which can fed back to our donors who truly value the appreciation shown.

Include a reference to our grant in your letters and publicity materials whenever it is appropriate. This might involve writing in your headed notepaper, leaflets or posters, saying:

  • “Supported by South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation”
  • “We acknowledge the support of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation” in your Annual Report or your correspondence.

You can download our logo to include on the aforementioned documents or place in the footer of your website. 

Press Releases and Media Publicity

It’s always great to see a community group in a newspaper, online outlets or being invited to speak about the funding you’ve received, on radio or TV.

However before that, they might start writing a press release to send to media contacts and require supporting words from our Chief Executive to enhance your copy, such as Artful Make It Happen in Rotherham who had success their in local paper, the Rotherham Advertiser (below)



A screenshot of an Instagram post by Artful Make It Happen which is a newspaper cutting from the Rotherham Advertiser and on the right hand side, it has the post copy and comments

Artful Make It Happen, on Instragam

Support on how to obtain media coverage

If you want to know the do’s and don’t of writing a press release and how to get coverage, then visit South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau for details on their media training course. 

Contact Us

If you need help with publicity relating to your grant funding, then contact our Marketing and Communications Coordinator.