Leaving a Community Legacy

Legacy giving is increasingly important to UK charities, accounting for a quarter of the total amount given to charities each year and  worth over £2.24 billion in the UK alone. Legacy giving enables charities to carry out their vital work.

With figures showing that over 80% of giving goes to the top 5% of national charities, we encourage more people to think local first. 

If helping to make your community a better place is important to you, then South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation can help.

We can offer:

  • Our unique knowledge of community needs. As a charity, we have worked in South Yorkshire for over 30 years and have supported thousands of essential community projects and charities with grant funding in South Yorkshire. Which means, we are best placed to ensure your gift helps those who need it most.
  • Our professional service to you, your family and your professional advisors. We will work with you and your solicitor or professional advisor to support you while you make a choice that fits your giving wishes.
  • Tax effective giving. Gifts can be large or small, a percentage of your Estate or a fixed sum gift. Through SYCF, gifts can either be taken off the value of your Estate before inheritance Tax is calculated, or else reduce your inheritance Tax rate from 40% to 36% on some assets, if more than 10% of your Estate is left to charity.
    Further guidance on Inheritance Tax > 

“I hope my legacy will help to make my community a better place for future generations.”David Price’s giving story > 

Leaving a gift in a Will can make a huge difference to local communities and there are many ways you can ensure your legacy counts.

Read our SYCF Legacy Giving Leaflet

An Unrestricted Gift

As a charity, we welcome donations of any size towards our charitable activities, to promote community giving and build a lasting legacy to strengthen our communities.

Personal Funds

Personal Funds are bespoke to your charitable wishes. You can choose the name of the fund or whether to remain anonymous, the geographical area of benefit in South Yorkshire, the charitable priorities and the level of involvement with giving. Funds can either be endowment (where the capital sum is invested and the income used for grant making in perpetuity) creating a lasting legacy for South Yorkshire or Distribution Funds for immediate impact. Personal Funds can be established from £25,000 and can be built up over a period of time.

Geographical Funds

Donations of any size can be made to existing geographical funds for Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Doncaster and South Yorkshire as a whole.

Gifts in your Lifetime

You can make an immediate contribution to your community with a life time gift, through a range of simple and effective giving options. Find out more > 

Different kinds of Legacy

 Pecuniary Legacy – is a fixed amount specified in your will. It is free of tax, which adds considerably to the value of your gift. A Residuary Legacy – is the remaining value of your estate after all other bequests to family and friends have been made. A Reversionary Legacy – allows family and friends to benefit from your estate during their lifetime and then for the balance of the estate to pass to the Community Foundation. Specific – a particular item, such as shares, property or valuables, left to the Foundation will be free of inheritance tax.

We take care of the details

SYCF makes it easy to leave a gift in any of these ways. Get in touch today.