We are looking for new volunteer panel members

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join our grantmaking panels!

  • We are particularly interested in recruiting volunteers from a Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic or Refugee background to better represent South Yorkshire.
  • SYCF also wishes to recruit younger volunteers to gain further access to the ideas of the whole community.

To help see if this is an opportunity for you, we have put together some FAQs.

Q: What do the grants panel do?
A: They meet to discuss how South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation’s funding will be allocated and decide which groups will benefit from this funding.

Q: How much of my time will volunteering as a panel member require?
A: The grants panel only meet about four times a year with meetings lasting approximately two hours, with panel members being asked to prepare for these meetings by reading through some background material. The meetings schedule will be released well ahead of time and if you are still unavailable to physically attend, you can send in your suggestions or thoughts on what is to be discussed at that meeting.

Q: What kind of experience and skills do I need to become a volunteer grants panel member?
A: You won’t need any formal qualifications, experience or skills to volunteer, just the capability to discuss your ideas about the future of grant-giving for charities in South Yorkshire. Rather than requiring any particular skills, becoming a grants panel member will help to improve your CV and job prospects by demonstrating your ability to work in a team and contribute your own ideas.

Q: What training or preparation will I receive to help become a grants panel member?
A: You will be introduced to the processes and format of the grants panel and their work. You will also be trained and will attend a mock panel to help with learning the processes and the role of voluntary grants panel members.

Q: Why does my input or involvement matter?
A: Your ideas and contributions will matter to the grants panel because you are a representative of and resident of South Yorkshire, the area impacted upon by the grants panel’s decisions. Therefore, your input will assist in improving South Yorkshire and ensure that funding is allocated to groups, peoples and areas that need it most.

Q: Who is welcome on the grants panel?
A: Anyone of any age or background is welcome on the grants panel as long as they are interested in making a difference in their local community and can attend the four meetings scheduled each year.

To find out more or to get in touch please visit our volunteer pages, here.