Meet the trustees: Rachael Blake

Meet one of our newest trustees, Rachael Blake.

Rachael is a Labour Councillor for Rossington, Bawtry and Austerfield at Doncaster Council.

Her portfolio covers Children's Social Care, to ensure children in Doncaster are kept as safe as possible.  In addition, this portfolio also includes being the lead on work with equalities.

She lives in Rossington.

Career ladder

My career started as a student nurse in 1984 at Westminster Hospital and since then I have worked in the NHS, local government, the voluntary and community sector, and the private sector - delivering front line services and policy as a chief officer and at a non-exec level.  I like to say I’ve had about ten careers, enjoying them all for very different reasons.

I have been a trustee of many different groups since 1995 and have always enjoyed this role.  My trustee work before joining SYCF in April last year was in direct delivery of service organisations, for example a community library and CVS, so when the opportunity to join a funding and grant making organisation came along I was really excited about getting involved and bringing (hopefully) useful skills but learning new ones as well.


Rachael Blake is a trustee for South Yorkshire's Community Foundation

Rachael Blake is a trustee for South Yorkshire's Community Foundation

Taking on the role of a trustee

As a trustees of SYCF, it’s about being there to support our excellent staff team, and offering challenge and scrutiny and asking those difficult questions so we can reassure ourselves that the organisation is as efficient and effective as possible. It’s a hugely rewarding role and I feel incredibly proud to be part of a committed hard-working team who want to make a difference in all communities across South Yorkshire.

A love for South Yorkshire life

I love living and working in South Yorkshire. Without doubt, the warmth of the people along with beautiful towns and cities and amazing countryside is what makes this part of the world so special.There isn’t much spare time in my role, but when I do get away from work, I enjoy all sports, music, travelling by bus and train, gigs and bingo.  Ideally, a day that combines the seaside, a good bus or train ride, a castle and a lovely bracing walk would be my perfect day.



Meet Rachael

Rachael is a Councillor and Cabinet member at Doncaster Council having first worked in the voluntary and community sector in the early 1990s. The power of the sector to transform lives and communities has been a constant since then. She joined SYCF to support the vital role it provides for all communities in South Yorkshire.

Rachael Blake


Rachael Blake