Remembering Brian Hodges

In December 2022, South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) was saddened to learn about the passing of Brian Hodges, Chair of our northwest Sheffield grant panels. Brian spent a remarkable twenty years as a SYCF volunteer.

An early retirement after a severe stroke in 1990 that led to a left side paralysis, Brian took up a number of volunteering activities in Sheffield which could make use of his skills.  He became involved in health care improvement through service user input and as Chair of Shop Mobility in Sheffield.

Joining the Foundation in 2002, Brian started off as a member of the South East Sheffield grants panel, helping local community groups in need of support, whilst his volunteering aided his rehabilitation.

Speaking in 2018 to commemorate the annual Volunteers Week, Brian spoke about the satisfaction of seeing community groups growing their reach, thanks to the work of SYCF’s grant panels.

Brian’s knowledge of the local community and voluntary charity sector informed his time as Chair of the northwest Sheffield grant panels, whilst his extensive professional experiences across nursing, teaching and grant making made him a valuable asset to our Grants Policy Panel Committee. More recently, he was on the grant panels distributing funding to community groups celebrating the Platinum Jubilee of the late, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in June 2022.

An image of Brian Hodges

Brian Hodges

It was a touching ceremony hearing from those close to Brian, encapsulating his drive to get involved in what he was passionate about. It was clear he embraced his time as a grants panel member, including learning about the diverse communities across South Yorkshire.

He will be sorely missed and everyone at SYCF sends their condolences to his widow Mary, and his children Sarah and James and their families.

SYCF Chief Executive Ruth Willis, who attended Brian’s memorial service that took place on Thursday 5th January 2023

Later in his career in 1972, he moved to Sheffield to set up a nursing training course at Sheffield Polytechnic and Middlewood Hospitals. He also developed the Hodges Healthcare career model for nursing which facilitated integrated care, person centredness, reflective practice and helped to bridge the theory and practice gap. Shortly after, he became Head of Nursing Studies at Manchester Polytechnic.

Brian’s testament to overcoming obstacles was personified after his stroke when he was told that he would not walk again.  Although he never regained use of his left arm, he did walk again.

He will be remembered for his sense of humour, his huge sense of purpose and service to others and for the determination to live life to the full and never be stopped by anything or anyone. He was so proud of his family and all they have achieved. He was an inspiration and encouragement to everyone he met.

James Hodges, speaking about his father