Volunteer Spotlight: Anne Dean

A long-standing volunteer at South Yorkshire Community Foundation, Anne Dean has seen plenty of the impact of the funding received by community groups. As part of Volunteers Week 2021, she tells you how she got involved and what she's enjoyed doing

Why did you decide to become involved with the South Yorkshire Community Foundation as a volunteer

"I had a background in community health and had come to Sheffield to teach health care staff at the, then, Sheffield Polytechnic. I was asked to join the Sheffield panel by the director at that time.  It was a real opportunity to contribute to community development and to make a difference"

What have you enjoyed doing in your volunteer role?

"I have learnt so much about people and places in Sheffield. In visiting community groups, I am constantly reminded and amazed at what can be achieved with relatively small amounts of money. One of the really enjoyable episodes was visiting Community Champions (as introduced by David Blunkett).  These were volunteers who were working tirelessly in their local areas to develop ideas and make a real difference"

How have you felt supported by the staff team at the Foundation?

"I have always felt supported by the wonderful staff. The support of the other volunteers like Isadora Aitken and David Brayshaw when I first joined was great as well"