“Volunteers are integral to our work at South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation. At present, we rely on over 60 volunteers to complete our work from day to day. As a grant making charity, we have volunteer panels made up of local people to decide which community groups applying for funding get it. We have trustees who volunteer so much of their time and expertise to us and we have volunteers who help staff in the office in a range of ways. The work of our volunteers is so valuable to us as an organisation and is really appreciated.”  – Ruth Willis, Chief Executive

Welcome to information for our volunteers!

With 30 years of giving to South Yorkshire now under our belts, we know just how important volunteers are in ensuring that our mission is fulfilled.

A guide to the services and processes of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation is provided through a series of links for you to use. If you are an experienced or a new volunteer you should be able to find what you need here or elsewhere on our site.

First of all, here is some information about Community Foundations:

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation is one of 48 community foundations around the country and is part of a nationwide network.

UK Community Foundations (UKCF) is the umbrella organisation for all community foundations, providing philanthropic advice to clients and delivering UK-wide grant-making programmes. We provide advice and support to our member foundations and have one simple objective: to help build thriving communities.

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About South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation:

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, one of the first community foundations in the UK, was established in 1986. Its aim then was to obtain funding from businesses and individuals in South Yorkshire to benefit residents through small grants to local community groups. Now, in addition to local funding, the Foundation manages significant funding from wider sources such as the Government, EU, and Comic Relief as well as business and private donors.

Through local knowledge, experience and wise investment we help to build stronger communities. Our volunteers are vital in making this happen by bringing their knowledge of the area and special skills to the grant making process.

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The South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) is part of the Foundation. It is dedicated to helping groups get the funding they need.

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Current Volunteering Opportunities

We currently have over 60 volunteers most of whom provide local knowledge and expertise on grants panels.  However, there are always new opportunities for volunteers and we hope that you might give this some consideration. Of course, you may know other people who are also well-suited to some of these jobs, so please let us know!

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Already a Volunteer?

Our volunteers are a talented lot with skills and knowledge who enable permanent staff to continue to ensure that our vital philanthropic work is completed.Whether you have just joined the Foundation or you are an old hand there are some things that you must do.

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For Panel Members

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Get in touch

If you are interested in a volunteering opportunity with SYCF then email jreid@sycf.org.uk or call 0114 242 4857 to discuss getting involved.