Our Fund Holders

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation works with donors of all types, from local businesses to individual philanthropists. What all of our donors have in common is a desire to create better and stronger communities.

We manage many funds on behalf of generous businesses, organisations and individuals, from which community groups in the area can apply for vital funding.

The long list of funds below is ever changing as new funds are opened and valuable grants are distributed to communities throughout South Yorkshire.

The complete list of all SYCF managed Funds:

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Flowthrough Distribution Funds

  • Blackstone Edge Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund

  • Blackstone Edge Wind Farm Low Carbon Fund

  • Child Sexual Exploitation - Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Fund

  • Combatting Isolation & Community Involvement Fund

  • Doncaster CVS Fund

  • Harry Harpham Foundation Fund

  • James Neill Trust Distribution Fund

  • Loscar Wind Farm Community Fund

  • Marjorie Coote Old People's Charity Fund

  • Office Friendly Community Fund

  • Park Spring Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund

  • Raising Aspirations Barnsley Fund

  • Social Enterprise Exchange Programme

  • SToRMS: The Dan McAllister Foundation Fund

  • The Coventry Building Society Community Fund

  • The Liz & Terry Bramall Distribution Fund

  • The Young People's Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund: In Memory of Molly Hurst

  • Tampon Tax Community Fund

  • Tween Bridge Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund

  • Volunteer Distribution Fund

  • Wesleyan Foundation Fund

  • #iwill Fund

Grassroots Grants Endowment Funds

  • AESSEAL Charitable Trust Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • Cllr J Drayton Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Cutlers Company Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Doncaster Community Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Employment Bond Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • Grant Thornton Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • Great Barnsley Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Great Doncaster Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Great Rotherham Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Great Sheffield Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Great South Yorkshire Wide Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Hallamshire Battalion Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Henry Boot Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • HSBC Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Hugh & Ruby Sykes Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • Investec Wealth & Investment Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • Lloyd Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Loscar Wind Farm Community Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Neil and Julie MacDonald Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • P & A Group Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Rotary Club of Hallam Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Samuel Roberts Trust Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Senta Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • SYOF Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • Trustees & Supporters Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • UK Steel Enterprise Grassroots Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • Wilkinson Institution Grassroots Endowment Fund

  • William Cook Charitable Grassroots Endowment Fund

The Liz & Terry Bramall Foundation Philanthropy Catalyst Endowment Match Challenge Funds

  • David Price Charitable Fund


    David Price, pictured with Vanda Kewley from The Suit Works which has received grant funding through David’s Fund, tells us why he set it up:


    “I have spent my life time living and working in South Yorkshire, establishing my business Price Express Transport Limited in 1979. From modest beginnings, operating from my parent’s home, I grew the business into a successful logistics company operating in a niche market across the UK.

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  • Frank and Pat Carter Family Fund


    After 10 years as a trustee of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, Frank Carter OBE couldn’t leave without a final gift to the Foundation and to South Yorkshire. Frank is the latest individual to take part in our Philanthropy Catalyst Match Challenge which is available thanks to the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation. The catalyst provides a £1 for £1 match on charitable donations. Keep reading >

  • Ken and Janet Cooke Charitable Fund

  • Henry Boot Charitable Fund

  • Mark Dransfield and Deborah Holmes Charitable Fund

  • Marven Gardling Fund

  • Sarah Beckett Charitable Fund


    Sarah Beckett tragically died at the age of 18 on 22 August 1985 in the Manchester Air Disaster. It was the first time she was to have flown by herself.

    She was the dearly loved daughter of Linda and William and sister of Marcus, Richard and Clare, to whom she gave so much love and happiness. Her humour and mischievousness was renowned amongst family and friends alike, but above all everyone who knew her felt joy in her presence and touched by her loving warmth. Keep reading >

  • Stanley Race Bursary Fund

  • Stanley Race Community Fund

  • The Bloomer Family Rotherham Fund

  • The Gregory Family Fund

Community First Endowment Funds

  • AESSEAL Charitable Trust Community First Endowment Fund For South Yorkshire

  • Community First Fund - South Yorkshire

  • Doncaster Community First Endowment Fund

  • Grant Thornton Community First Endowment Fund

  • Henry Boot Community First Endowment Fund for South Yorkshire

  • R Children's Trust Community First Endowment Fund for Rotherham

  • Sheffield Association in Aid Of the Adult Deaf Community First Fund

  • William Cook Charitable Community First Fund

Endowment Funds

  • Arthur Lee Endowment Fund

  • Barnsley (York & Lancaster) Endowment Fund

  • Deakin and Withers Trust Fund

  • Doncaster Chamber Benevolent Endowment Fund

  • General Endowment Fund

  • Hallamshire Battalion Endowment Fund

  • Henry Boot Endowment Fund

  • Hepworth Endowment Fund

  • High Sheriff Endowment Fund

  • Hugh & Ruby Sykes Endowment Fund

  • Investec Wealth & Investment Endowment Fund

  • John Laing Endowment Fund

  • JPMorgan Endowment Fund

  • Keepmoat Endowment Fund

  • Mrs Audrey May Hampshire Lowe Memorial Fund

  • Rotherham Community Endowment Fund

  • Sir Samuel Osborn's Deed of Gift Relief Fund

  • South Yorkshire Outdoor Pursuits Trust Endowment Fund

  • Tinsley Relief In Sickness Endowment Fund

  • The Abaculi Endowment Fund

  • The Hunter Community Endowment Fund

  • The Pedder Family Charitable Endowment Fund

Dormant Trust Endowment Funds

  • Barnsley Community Endowment Fund

  • Doncaster Community Endowment Fund

  • George and Clara Ann Hall Endowment Fund

  • Lacewood Trust Endowment Fund

  • Sheffield Benefactors' Endowment Fund

  • Sheffield Community Endowment Fund

  • Sir George Franklin Fund

Acorn Funds Building to Endowment

  • Darlison Acorn Fund

  • Jonathan Hunt Family Acorn Fund


    A long term gift to support community needs in South Yorkshire

    Jonathan Hunt OBE and his family have joined together to set up an Acorn fund, which will grow over the years into a long-lasting gift to South Yorkshire and create a legacy for the Hunt family.

    Acorn funds have a target sum, which is achieved through annual donations. The fund then becomes endowed and means that grants from the fund can be given in perpetuity.

    Jonathan Hunt said:

    “My wife and I, supported by our sons have established the ‘Jonathan Hunt Family Acorn Fund’ and we are excited to witness the impact it will make in our lifetime and comforted, knowing the difference it will make during the lives of generations to come.”

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