This year, South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation were delighted to have been invited to attend Sheffield Hallam Universities 2024 Inspirational Student Awards and present the South Yorkshire Community Award.

The event was organised to honour exceptional students and alumni who serve as true inspirations, whether this is by overcoming adversity, going out of their way to help others, or by being a leading light in their chosen field.

These individuals embody the values of dedication, resilience, and compassion. Their stories serve as beacons of hope and motivation for those around them. The event was a celebration of their remarkable achievements and a reminder of the power of perseverance and kindness in making a positive impact on the world. Each winner is a testament to the incredible potential within each of us to make a difference and inspire change.

50 award winners standing on stage smiling with their trophies

All Award Winners - Copyright: Sheffield Hallam University

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundations Philanthropy Coordinator, Rachael Farrell, was delighted to participate and present the award to the winner, Monia Singh.

The South Yorkshire Community award serves as a beacon of recognition for those who have made an exceptional impact on the Sheffield City Region and its surrounding areas. This prestigious award is bestowed upon individuals whose contributions have brought about positive change through social, charitable, and various other activities. By acknowledging and celebrating their dedication and efforts, the award not only highlights their achievements but also inspires others to join in creating a more vibrant, charitable, and supportive community for all.

three women standing and smiling at an awards reception

Monia Singh (middle) and guests - Copyright: Sheffield Hallam University

The award recipient was Monia Singh, a remarkable, talented, and confident young woman, truly deserving of the honour. During her time at Sheffield Hallam University, Monia worked with numerous charities and community organisations, such as the Archer Project, S6 Food Bank, Cavendish Cancer Care, Bluebell Wood, Sayit, Safte, Rainbow Blades, and events like Migration Matters. She also actively motivated peers and university acquaintances to engage in charity work and initiatives that supported and united local communities. Overall, she dedicated her efforts to assisting others and enhancing the community in South Yorkshire during her time at University, actions that she has continued after receiving her degree.

Monia Singh - Receiving the South Yorkshire Community Award

Monia Singh - Copyright: Sheffield Hallam University

Commenting on the Inspirational Student Awards, presenter of the award Rachael Farrell said:

Listening to the achievements and stories of all the winners was very enjoyable and highlighted the amazing talent that the Sheffield institutions nurture and develop.

Monia is truly deserving of the award. Her passion for the community has made a significant difference in the lives of individuals across the region. It was  an honour to meet such an inspirational individual.



Monia Singh (left) and Rachael Farrell (right) posing for a picture with the South Yorkshire Community award

Monia Singh (left), Rachael Farrell (right) - Copyright: Sheffield Hallam University

2 individuals playing guitar at an awards reception evening
People standing and smiling at an award reception evening.
A wooden rectangular block  trophy for the awards ceremony.
Individuals all seated at round table during an awards ceremony.

Copyright: Sheffield Hallam University

We extend our congratulations to all the remarkable winners and express our gratitude to everyone involved in making the awards ceremony a memorable evening.

Listen to Monia's story in the interview produced by Sheffield Hallam University below.

South Yorkshire Community Award 2024 - Interview - Monia Singh . Copyright: Sheffield Hallam University

Meet Rachael

Rachael coordinates the delivery of philanthropic activities, working collaboratively within different teams, community groups and donors to bring about exciting new opportunities. She is also head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for the Foundation as well as overseeing South Yorkshire’s Giving Network. Her working days are Monday to Friday.

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