UK Community Foundations benefitting from SYFAB training sessions

South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau (SYFAB) is part of South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, and has been offering advice, support and training on funding to voluntary sector groups for thirty years, with an Exemplar rating by the UKCF Quality Accreditation

Over the last 18 months, the SYFAB online training via Zoom has welcomed community groups and Community Foundation colleagues from across the country, including representatives for Lancashire and Merseyside and Leeds Community Foundation.

The training was superb, exceeding my expectations. I’ve attended several virtual sessions during the past 15 months and often there’s been, unfortunately, a lack of connectivity or interaction with participants. This time wasn’t the case at all; one of the best aspects of the session was its focus on keeping everyone involved and engaged via breakout rooms, smaller groups and organisers who seemed genuinely in tune with the work we do.

Gary Vyse, representing Community Foundations for Lancashire and Merseyside

I found it very useful and the feedback valuable, especially after my pitch. I was in a different situation to the others on the course as they were all small organisations or start-ups but the content was just as valued for me as it was for them.

Hannah Corne from Leeds Community Foundation

“Community groups need funding to keep doing the vital work they do in communities.  SYFAB helps the groups we work with to better express the difference they make, and why they need funding to do it: that helps us to make better funding decisions, and allows them to explore other funding to help sustain their activities.

“Helping groups access funding information, and increase their fundraising confidence, knowledge and skills helps us further support the community we serve,” said Sam Caldwell, Head of Grants at South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation

Please share SYFAB’s training schedule to community groups with dates pencilled in until July 2022, that is available on their website.

Meet Karen

Karen provides one-to-one support for Sheffield groups, funded by Sheffield City Council. This involves helping organisations make sense of funding criteria and look over draft applications, prioritising groups with no paid staff and who are led by the communities they support. Karen’s working days are Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Karen Walke

Joint-head of SYFAB

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Karen Walke