Vital Signs


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Your say on your community

South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF) is publishing its Vital Signs 2021 report and has identified the four most important needs across the region after a year dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Listening to communities across South Yorkshire through community surveys, focus groups and using a combination of local knowledge and official research data to measure the vitality of a community, the four needs have been identified as: Crime and Safety, Disadvantage and Inequality, Work and the Local Economy and Mental Health

The report highlights the fantastic work by community groups in Barnsley (The Youth Association on Mental Health), Doncaster (Doncaster Conversation Club on Disadvantage and Inequality), Rotherham (Work-Wise on Work and the Local Economy) and Sheffield (Mums United on Crime and Safety) across the four themes.

What did local people across South Yorkshire say about their community?

One third of residents said they do not feel safe in their local area with 50% saying not enough is done to address the causes of crime

Half of all respondents said businesses struggle to survive in their local area

60% saying they struggled with their mental health in the last year yet 40% said there is not a good level of professional care to support them

Our response

The report has been published and South Yorkshire Community Foundation is keen to make sure that action is taken.

In a press release, South Yorkshire Community Foundation Chair Chris Booth-Mayblin said:

“We are imploring stakeholders and policy-makers across South Yorkshire to not simply sit on the results of this research but act”

That’s why we are launching a dedicated themed programme around Employment and Employability for people aged 14-30 to gaining the skills and learning of the opportunities available to them in the world of work, aiming to inspire the next generation by removing the barriers to employment.

Ruth Willis, Chief Executive of SYCF, said:

“Our ambition is to distribute £500,000 across South Yorkshire to community organisations working with young people to boost their skills and job prospects.”

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