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The number of members of our SY100 Partronage Scheme is always growing and changing. So, remember to check back regularly to stay up to date on the latest additions to SY100.

If you’re interested in SY100 then click here to find out more or to get in touch.

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Our Ambassadors

  • Barnsley College

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    Barnsley College is an active member of the SY100 scheme, a simple and effective way for local businesses and individuals to make a positive difference within the community and to help continue the foundation’s essential work.

  • Giles Bloomer

  • James Newman

  • Julie Kenny

Our Supporters

Our Friends

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    1825 is a high quality financial planning business providing financial advice, including specialist advice on tax planning, trusts, Wills and Power of Attorney. They aim to help you achieve your financial goals and have confidence in your future.

    Their people are professional, qualified and straightforward, but most of all, they are truly passionate about doing the right thing for you.

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    Hickton Group provides independent services of Quality Site Inspections and Building Control services. With offices in Barnsley, Bristol, Chelmsford and Edinburgh, we champion quality and compliance in construction


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    Wendy Ward at Let’s Save Cost Consultancy Services loves to help small businesses and the charity, care and education sectors with their overheads, supplier contracts and recurring bills.  She has a network of whole of market brokers and industry specialists who she can introduce them to, who offer independent advice based on years of experience and an honest approach to offering customer solutions. Wendy can review all of their supplies, broker them as they arise, or advise on requirements for new start ups, movers and home owners.

    “Being part of the SY100 is very important to me.  Contributing to the good causes based in the Sheffield City Region makes perfect sense to me as a business owner and I get the opportunity to see how my small contribution makes a difference on my doorstep every month and every year.”

  • Anne Dean

  • HH Henry Hargrave

  • Kay Hargrave

  • John Moore

  • Michele Wightman

  • Ruth & David Willis

Meet Michelle

To find out more about the SY100 Patronage Scheme or to sign up, please get in touch with Michelle.