Sir Samuel Osborn’s Deed of Gift Relief Fund

This fund is to primarily assist former employees of the Samuel Osborn Company, or one of its subsidiaries, and their direct linear descendants (e.g. children, grandchildren etc. of Samuel Osborn Company employees).

What do we fund?

Grants are made according to two main categories:

Grants for education or training:

Grants up to £1,000 are available for costs associated with undertaking any training or education, for example, books, equipment and living costs

Special needs grants:

Discretionary grants are available to those demonstrating need for:

  • convalescent or recuperative holidays or care
  • medical comforts or equipment not available through the NHS
  • other pressing needs on a case by case basis

What do we not fund?

  • Individuals not in need, hardship or distress, e.g. individuals with large personal reserves of money
  • Medical items available through the NHS

Applications are limited to one grant per person per year.

How to apply

If you want to make an application to the fund then download the Grant Application Form and return it to the Grants Team at SYCF.

Alternatively, if you feel that you would like to discuss it in more detail, please telephone the Grants Team on 0114 242 4924.

What you will need

You will need to provide copies of any written evidence of your connection to the Samuel Osborn Company.

What happens once we have received your completed application?

  • we aim to assess applications within 12 weeks of receiving your completed application form with all enclosures
  • your application will undergo an initial check for correct completion, and eligibility. You may be contacted at this stage to provide further information
  • your application will then be shared with our panel of independent volunteers, who will decide whether a grant will be awarded or not
  • any details you provide will be treated as strictly confidential
  • we will confirm to you, in writing, the outcome of your application

Grant conditions

  • you must comply with all special conditions included in the grant offer letter and any attached correspondence
  • the grant will be used for the sole purposes as stated on the application form, and any changes confirmed in writing in advance of the grant being awarded, if this is not possible, then the grant must be returned to the Foundation
  • if the grant if misused, the full amount of the grant must be paid back to the Foundation (Sir Samuel Osborn Deed of Gift Relief Fund)
  • any assets bought with a Sir Samuel Osborn Deed of Gift Relief Fund grant cannot be sold, disposed of or given away to any other group or individual without prior approval in writing of the Foundation on behalf of the Relief Fund