Fishlake History Society

Fishlake History Society is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Fishlake village in Doncaster. Their aim is to record as much of it’s history they can and share it.

Funding from the Tween Bridge Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund of £1,296 enabled the society to cover the cost of hiring a professional photographer. The photographer will improve and upload high-resolution historical images to the Fishlake History Society website. The society aims to upload at least 200 images of photos, paintings and documents to their website. The website acts as a virtual museum, which means it is accessible to anyone and everyone interested in their research. Distance and physical capacity are no longer a problem.

The village of Fishlake is an ancient village (mentioned in the Doomsday Book) and has seen many changes over time.

There is no single point of contact which can provide photographs, historical research, audio narratives and other information relating to Fishlake other than our Society.

Most of our members have a keen interest in Fishlake’s history but in order to gain this information, have had to physically travel to local and national archives.

We aim to share this information via our website to a wider audience

Peter Trimmingham, Fishlake History Society member

The society has already made great progress populating their website with new content, which showcases the diverse history of Fishlake Village.

My grandparents lived in Fishlake in the 1950s, they were called Thomas and Flo Chapman.

Gran cleaned in St Cuthbert’s and at the Butchers…It brought back some happy memories when I went on your site

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