Park Spring Wind Farm Community Benefits Fund (North East of Barnsley)

A fund for community groups and charities of all types and sizes: the Park Spring Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund supports community organisations close to the Park Spring wind farm in North East Barnsley.

EDF Energy Renewables operate the wind farm have pledged to provide £42,750 per year for the life of the wind farm to the fund, which will directly benefit local community projects and initiatives.

How much can I apply for?

  • grants will normally be in the region of £500 – £10,000
  • exceptionally, grants of up to £20,000 can be applied for if they have significant and lasting community benefit


The windfarm is situated in the North East of Barnsley located North West of Little Houghton.  All projects funded must benefit resident within a 3km boundary of the windfarm site*.

  • priority will be given to projects within 3km.  This includes Great Houghton Little Houghton, Grimethorpe, Darfield, Billingley and parts of Cudworth
  • projects within a 5km boundary of the wind farm may also apply if some of the beneficiaries of the project/activity reside within the 3km area

*As interpreted by EDF. You can check the area map here.

Who can apply?

  • locally led, run, and constituted, community or voluntary organisations
  • locally led and run registered charities
  • local schools and colleges

NB: It is unlikely that panel will consider an application from a group if they have had a grant in the last 12 months.

What can be funded?

The fund is intended to improve the physical, built or social environment of the local area. We are keen to fund projects and initiatives that involve one or more of the following:

  • capital item(s) with a tangible and lasting benefit, including improvements to community buildings
  • bio-diversity and habitat conservation
  • energy conservation and increased use of renewables
  • other projects that are community-based and/or community-led which meet identified local needs and issues

Examples of projects/activities which can be funded:

  • improvements to community buildings, i.e. a new roof, or re-decoration of the village hall
  • improvement and maintenance of recreational facilities, i.e. the cricket club need a new mower to enable them to cut the grass, or the football team need new training equipment

NB: All of the above must be benefiting the residents living within 3km of the windfarm (you may be asked to provide evidence of the number of beneficiaries you serve and where they reside as part of the application process)

Who and what cannot be funded?

  • Parish, Town or Metropolitan Borough councils
  • for profit organisations
  • registered Community Interest Companies, also known as CICs
  • individuals
  • the promotion of religious or political views
  • to replace existing statutory Council provision (but such facilities could be enhanced e.g. Parks)
  • applications which the Community Foundation believes, in its discretion, present or have identified a health and safety risk; against the interests of the developer or windfarm landowner(s) or anti-renewable energy/windfarm activities
  • retrospective funding – i.e. things or activities that either have already been paid for or have already happened

NB: Groups applying for this funding should be able to demonstrate how they meet the priorities. For larger grants, you may be asked to provide additional information.

How to apply?

Please ensure that you have read all of the information above and are eligible for the available funding before going on to the application stage.

Please click here to apply to this fund. 

If you require any help with your application then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our grants team by following the contact information below.

Applications is now open and to be assessed by our next panel, please complete your application by 12 noon on Monday 29th August 2022.  Decisions will be made in October.