Darfield Bowls Club

Funding from the Park Spring Windfarm Community Fund allowed Darfield Bowls Club to renovate their grounds to make it the place to be for bowls in Darfield and Wombwell.

The club was originally formed in 1922 as part of the Welfare Park Development and reformed to its current status in 1999. Three years prior to 2022 and to celebrate the club’s centenary year, they had been refurbishing the pavilion and surrounding area to its original status. Volunteers maintain and manage the facility whilst also contributing financially to the green maintainance.

The role it plays in the community includes:

  • Offering bowling tuition and membership to players from 8 years of age, with their oldest player aged 83!
  • Opportunities for medical referrals to enhance recovery from physical and mental illness
  • Companionship for older individuals especially those living alone
  • Offers gardening as an alternative to bowling as an activity
  • Local schools have the opportunity to introduce pupils to new physical skills
  • The pavilion is used by other community groups upon request.

The successful funding from the Park Spring Windfarm Community Fund allowed the Club to remove and replace the old gully, fix and lay concrete gully around the external area of the bowling green and to support volunteers to maintain it in a safe manner.

The completion of the works has improved access, making it easier for those with disabilities to use the facilities, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all users. In addition, it has reduced maintenance and upkeep in order to aid sustainability of the organisation.

One of the beneficiaries of the development is Harry, who has said it is much easier to navigate his way onto the site with his health diagnosis of profound macular degeneration. Being partially sighted and struggling with uneven surfaces, it has helped enhance his experience at the Bowls Club. A local bowling association has given its seal of approval by commenting on the safer and easier access to the greens.

Apply to the Park Spring Windfarm Community Fund

A fund for community groups and charities of all types and sizes: the Park Spring Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund supports community organisations close to the Park Spring wind farm in North East Barnsley.

EDF Energy Renewables operate the wind farm have pledged to provide £42,750 per year for the life of the wind farm to the fund, which will directly benefit local community projects and initiatives.

Applications are being encouraged for Park Spring Windfarm Community Fund with the deadline on 15th April at 12noon.

So, if your community group or charity is interested in a grant from £500 to £10,000 to improve the community within the location of the windfarm in North East Barnsley, then apply today.

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Funding from the Parks Spring Windfarm Community Fund can help nurture your local project to help you achieve your goals.