Deakin & Withers Fund helps 'Anne'

The Deakin and Withers fund was able to provide support to Anne*, who was struggling under the limited support provided by pension credits, especially after having just moved to smaller accommodation, which had required a number of necessary expenditures.

The support of the fund enabled her to pay for both her electricity and gas in one go for the first time. This has lifted a great weight from her shoulders as she is glad that she won’t be "sickened with worry all winter trying to clear it weekly".

She is also looking forward to being able to address all the small worries and problems such as the servicing of her gas boiler.

The grant that Anne has received has allowed her to live comfortably and without constant stress and worry throughout the winter period, where any failure to afford gas and electricity might have been distressing and harmful. She is extremely grateful for the funds help and feels that it is "an absolute Godsend" as it provided vital help in alleviating some of the pressures upon her throughout the stressful winter period.

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