Doncaster Foster Carers

This Foster Carers Association is made up of local foster carer volunteers, who work together to provide activities for the children under their care. They aim to prevent exclusion and deprivation by giving children opportunities to socialise and enjoy themselves.

Founded in 2014 and with members caring for an average of 200 children aged between 0—18 in total, the association runs weekly youth clubs for cared for children as well as themed events throughout the year.

£975 from the Doncaster Community First Endowment Fund has enabled the group to take the children on a trip on the Polar Express for Christmas 2015.

On the 12th December, 33 children and 20 adults attended the event and it was fully booked within an hour of the association offering it to members.

It was an opportunity for the children in foster care to meet others in the same situation and socialise but also a chance for them to really enjoy themselves and to get excited about Christmas

Tracy Sinnot, Volunteer 

Having funding secured beforehand for these types of events is essential to the group as it enables them to set events without any chance of disappointing the children attending.

Recently one of our foster parents and foster children won the Duchess of Cambridge award for ‘outstanding achievement’ at a ceremony in London. It is because of us all joining together and becoming a community that this was able to happen.

In the future, we are hoping to become a charitable organisation as it would open more doors to funding opportunities. We would also like to own our own premises.

Tracy continued

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