Saffron Sheffield

Saffron Sheffield offers free, specialist services for women in Sheffield who are suffering psychological trauma due to experiences of abuse or trauma as children or adults, including; sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, rape and sexual violence, domestic abuse, stalking, witnessing or experiencing a traumatic accident or crime and county lines

Saffron Sheffield used funding from Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund to help them towards the cost of a new part-time specialist therapist who provided 1:1 psychotherapy for young women aged 16 – 26 in Sheffield, helping with their mental health.

Providing free and specialist services (including weekly 1:1 trauma psychotherapy for up to a year; group workshops and peer support to help clients navigate all aspects of their lives; activity sessions that provide opportunities for peer support and growth), they experience a high demand for their service and are always over-subscribed with a waiting list.

With the grant received, this allowed their waiting list to be reduced and resulted in positive improvements for the women involved in the service, this included:

  • 100% felt they understood themselves better
  • 89% felt more confident
  • 100% were coping better with their feelings
  • 78% felt less isolated (during a very isolating year),
  • 78% felt better able to recognise abuse
  • 100% of clients experienced a statistically significant reduction in a trauma symptom

I feel like a new person with a new lease of life I finally feel like me again, to feel like I’m not crazy anymore is such an emotional and happy feeling because when you doubt your sanity you doubt everything in your life and you don’t know what is true, right and wrong.

An attendee

Everything changed for everyone as the Covid-19 pandemic began and Saffron adapted to delivering their service virtually as they understood the importance of providing support to women who may have experienced difficulty in an enforced lockdown. They triaged clients providing options to suspend with supportive contact or continue via telephone, later introducing online video 1:1 sessions and more recently, groups.

I am immensely grateful that over the phone was offered to me without delay. Particularly during the first weeks of uncertainty Saffron was a constant support, for which they should be commended. Thank you.

They have participated in the Sheffield Psychology Board (for providers of psychological services in Sheffield) on a weekly basis throughout the pandemic, and in April and May 2020, offering and delivering supervision for a front line NHS worker as part of a collaborative effort to support front line workers facing Covid-related trauma on a daily basis.  Find out more about Saffron Sheffield’s work on their website ...

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