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What is SY100?

SY100 is a network of like-minded businesses and individuals wanting to support their local communities and build a stronger South Yorkshire.

In 2021, SY100 has been running a series of themed events around the UN Sustainable Development Goals

SY100 supports the core running costs of SYCF, enabling us to continue distributing vital funding to grassroots community organisations. We invest in these groups by distributing grants and sharing advice – acting as a catalyst for positive change. SYCF relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses to help local people gain the support they need now, while investing in a brighter future for all.


Reasons to join…

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    Matching the passions and values of donors with projects and initiatives that meet local needs in the communities they work in

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    Build relationships and network with like-minded supporters to bring about positive change in local communities

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    Making community engagement easy with thorough due diligence and relationship brokering

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    Access to exclusive events across South Yorkshire

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    Press, online and social media opportunities for supporters

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    Play your part in creating a place of opportunity for all

Meet the SY100 Members
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