SY100 in 2021

The SY100 network brings together businesses and individuals wanting to support their local communities and build a stronger South Yorkshire.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This year has seen the start of a new event series called ‘Building Sustainable Communities’. This series is highlighting and examining the challenges facing South Yorkshire communities in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how communities are responding to these challenges.

Created in 2015, the 17 goals were designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and sustainable future for all. The aim is to achieve global economic progress in harmony with social justice and environmental considerations.  The 17 goals are globally acclaimed to be the pillars on which we should measuring up our sustainable community development.

If one of these goals is ignored, it is likely someone or something is being left behind. We are approaching the goals as the 5 Ps

  • Planet
  • Peace
  • People
  • Prosperity
  • Partnership

Planet – 22nd April

We began in April with Planet, unfortunately held on Zoom where we contextualised climate change in South Yorkshire with presentations on how the community is responding to climate change. We heard from AESSEAL on how they reached net zero on their UK operations and their environmental policy of Betterworld Solutions, encouraging everyone else to do the same. We also had a presentation from Regather (live from the farm!) and heard about their mission to decarbonise and localise the Sheffield food market. Finally, we heard from South Yorkshire Climate Alliance and the power and necessity of partnership when it comes to tackling climate change. It was an inspiring and galvanising session encouraging all to be thinking about their activities.

Peace – 9th November

In goal 16, it states “There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable development” and this month (November) we explored Peace and how to remove barriers to justice to ensure no one is left behind.

We could actually meet in person, and we thoroughly enjoyed a drink and a catch up at the In2Change project in Sheffield. In2Change is a non-profit organisation that aims to prevent young people and ex-offenders becoming or remaining involved in criminal activities. Their work supports those who as a result of being caught up in the legal system, may be excluded from opportunities provided by the law and the community such as jobs or housing.

We also heard from South Yorkshire’s Violence Reduction Unit who examine the causes of violence, and work in partnership to stop violence before it starts, halting the progression of violence once it has already begun and providing ways out for people already entrenched in violent behaviour. The event was thought-provoking yet provided hope as to how we can move forward and support all affected.

In 2022 we will complete this event series with People, Prosperity and Partnership. Watch this space for dates and information about these exciting events.